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Our philosophy in our kids program is that our 3Ks are family events. It’s parents and children out there together, whereas in a lot of races the kids’ race is entirely kids by themselves. That’s great, but we want the family as a unit out there together, running.

He charged with tampering with evidence in a deadly hit and run crash. That evidence is a car belonging to this man, Walter Raven of Jenkins Township. Despite the cooler temperatures, families tried to soak up the last remnants of summer at Frances Slocum State Park near Dallas.

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Tel: 01772 895478. Every Saturday. 10.30pm 2.30am. As was previously announced, the Packers will debut their color rush jerseys during the Oct. 20, Thursday night game against the Chicago Bears. That game will also feature the annual Verizon HopeLine collection, which collects no longer used wireless devices from fans to support domestic violence prevention efforts and assist domestic violence survivors..

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Also taking place at the Sunday night home opener is the premier gameday tailgate party in the Tundra Tailgate Zone (TTZ) in the Lambeau Field parking lot. The TTZ is open to all fans, even those without tickets to the game, and features live bands, alumni autographs and food and beverages. Game attendees can also stop by the Fan Walkway for a variety of gameday activities, including interactive displays..

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Coach Rolovich has therefore decided to disclose the exact amount of his salary under his current employment agreement with the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Sen. Sam Slom says UH officials are moving in the right direction by sharing the contract details..

A message left on the church voice mail was not immediately returned Thursday.Fenimore, Alston and Clerico turned themselves in at county detective headquarters, “at our request,” Parham said.Fenimore told investigators he was a Neumann sophomore, majoring in criminal justice.He said he installed Limewire on his laptop, “first for music, and then for pornography,” the affidavit states. The document also states he admitted to downloading child pornography and stated the youngest age of a child in the videos was about 10.”He stated the majority of pornography is adult and that he thinks the videos of children are disgusting,” though he said he watched them more than once didn’t delete them “out of stupidity.”Investigators arrived at Clerico’s home with a search warrant in May. At the time, he said he had file sharing programs Limewire, Frostwire and Utorrent.He admitted to searching for child pornography, said he viewed children as young as 2 or 3, and had an “obsession” for it.”He stated he wishes he could stop, but he can’t and requested help for his obsession,” the affidavit states.A search of Alston’s residence was conducted in July.

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